NVIDIA and Blizzard are teaming up to offer fans the chance to win three unique GPUs with custom backplates. The GeForce RTX 4080 GPUs each represent a different class in the popular RPG series Diablo. The classes are the Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Barbarian. NVIDIA is not offering fully custom or modded GPUs, but instead, NVIDIA’s own Founders Edition with a custom backplate. Fans can enter by responding to a tweet from the @Diablo account and adding the hashtag #DiabloRTX. The chance to win any of the three classes is equal.

The MSRP for the RTX 4080 GPU is $1199, while the estimated value of one GeForce RTX 4080 card for Diablo 4 is $1389. It is worth noting that NVIDIA is also offering a free copy of the highly anticipated Diablo 4 with the purchase of their RTX 40 desktop GPUs. This game supports DLSS3 technology which will enable gamers to have a great experience with exceptional graphics.

Make sure to enter before the promotion ends on May 12, 2023, at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. The promotion lasts for only one day, and you can find the full terms and conditions on NVIDIA’s website. The custom GPUs are a must-have item for avid fans of the well-loved series, and the chance to win one of these unique graphics cards is too good to pass up.

In conclusion, NVIDIA and Blizzard are offering fans the exciting opportunity to win one of three limited edition GeForce RTX 4080 GPUs. The simple entry requirements make it easy for fans to participate, so don’t miss out on a chance to get your hands on one of these coveted GPUs.

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