If you’re a fan of the PlayStation 5 and Final Fantasy 16, there is good news for you. Both come bundled together, saving you from the hassle of having to purchase separately. The PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle is available for pre-order at most major retailers across the US, including Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and Sony.

The bundle, priced at $559.99, comes with a standard white PS5 console, a white PS5 controller, and a digital code for the standard edition of Final Fantasy 16. If purchased separately, both the console and the game would cost you $569.99, which means that with this bundle, you save $10. While that’s not a significant amount of savings, it ensures that you can start playing the Final Fantasy 16 on your new PS5 console without waiting for separate items to arrive.

The release date of the PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle is June 22, which is also the release date of the game. It will have a period of six months as a PS5 exclusive before making its way to PC. However, it’s unclear whether the game will be available on PC as soon as the PS5 exclusivity expires.

To pre-order the PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle, you can go to the respective websites of the retailers mentioned above. You need to purchase the bundle by placing a pre-order, and it will arrive on the release date.

The PS5 has been a massive success for Sony, and Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most anticipated games this year. This bundle is a perfect way to experience both and have a seamless gaming experience.


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