Devolver Digital unveiled tantalizing tidbits regarding the much-anticipated free update of Cult of the Lamb, aptly named Relics of the Old Faith. In the final stages of completion, an official launch date will be forthcoming.

In the next iteration of the game, a variety of new adversaries and bosses will be introduced to the post-game. Moreover, a host of novel combat techniques have been added to the game, enriching the complexity and difficulty of each boss battle. Furthermore, four new structures have been incorporated into the game, such as a kitchen, crypt, communal shelter, and cultivated farm.

The Cult of the Lamb has been given a new lease of life with the recent addition of the ephemeral Blood Moon Festival, held in the dark and spooky month of October. Pre-orders for a Youtooz figurine of the protagonist have been made available, with a projected shipping date of July. This highly acclaimed title has also been recognized on the 2023 BAFTA Games Awards list, having achieved nominations for Best Game, Best Game Design and Best Original Property.

In GameSpot’s Cult of the Lamb review, we declared it a peculiar amalgamation of roguelike and real-time simulation game, a beguilingly grotesque experience that mustn’t be passed up.

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