Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have unveiled an update for Hi-Fi Rush, introducing a spectacular photo mode to the game, now available to all players.

Players can enhance their own snapshots with filters and transformation settings, as well as modify Chai’s postures and facial characteristics. They may also add other companions to the image, but only those that have been opened in the narrative up to that moment. Crafting group shots has never been easier!

It’s worth bearing in mind that if Chai is in the midst of a leap when photo mode is enabled, it simply won’t be possible to adjust his pose or incorporate other characters. His countenance can still be altered, though. Plus, there are also available overlay frames, such as traditional comic book panels and vibrant action lines.

Players can unlock the opportunity to access Photo Mode from the pause menu at any point during gameplay, unless, that is, the game is in cutscenes, conversations with non-player characters, or places with a fixed-camera view, or moments when Chai is not in control.

In GameSpot’s Hi-Fi Rush review, we noted the title’s ability to draw on the nostalgia of classic titles like Jet Set Radio and Viewtiful Joe, while also presenting something completely new and invigorating.

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