Fallout: New Vegas is a timeless classic that’s among the most beloved RPGs of all epochs, yet it can be a real challenge to get it running smoothly on contemporary computers. The management of the game’s developer, Obsidian, would definitely be keen to refurbish this experience, with the two directors, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, expressing their desire to remaster the game.

In a recent conversation with TheGamer, The Outer Worlds production director Eric DeMilt intimated that the team would be interested in revamping New Vegas, noting that it had considerable technical issues on its initial launch.

“When it originally debuted, it was plagued with stability issues,” DeMilt observed. “Fortunately, those have been remedied, allowing gamers to once again dive into the world of the game, which is so appealing because of the depth of the characters and storylines it offers.” Cain and Boyarsky were in full agreement with DeMilt’s assessment, adding that they thought the thought of a graphical remaster was “incredibly exciting”.

More than a decade after its release, New Vegas is widely regarded as one of the most cherished entries of the Fallout series, with some preferring its predecessor, Fallout 3 and its post-apocalyptic version of Washington, DC, while the old-school fans still yearn for the original Fallout 1 or 2. Despite the game receiving significant criticism at launch due to its technical issues, especially its frequent crashes, New Vegas is still celebrated for its quality of writing, its memorable characters, and its unique faction reputation system. Last year, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb commented that some at Microsoft were discussing the possibility of a hypothetical New Vegas 2.

Obsidian Entertainment sent shockwaves across the gaming world with the announcement of The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition, ushering in a new era of graphical fidelity, reduced loading times, and much more. The re-imagined version of the classic space-faring adventure promises to bring a brand-new level of immersion and excitement to players, turning what was already a captivating experience into something truly remarkable.

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