The heat is rising in Fortnite as the Season 4 Chapter 1 climax draws ever closer on March 8. Epic has added a unique twist to the end of the chapter with Cipher Quests, containing encrypted messages and a variety of tasks to complete before the big reveal of what’s to come. In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about the Cipher Quests and the rewards you can reap.

Rewritten headline: Unraveling the Puzzling Enigma of Coded Cipher Quests

We possess a distinct tome overflowing with Encrypted Cipher Quest solutions right here.

Rewrite: Mysterious Cipher Challenges Unlocked

Completing unencrypted Cipher challenges can be much simpler than their encrypted counterparts. With a sharp eye and some thinking ahead, many of these can be tackled with ease as you progress through the game.

Venture to Bastion Outposts (3) and search the chests for ammunition (150). Upgrade the vehicles’ features with Off-Road Tires or Cow Catchers (3). Hit enemies from afar with ranged weapons from 75 meters or more (5). Eliminate adversaries with weapons of Uncommon rarity or above (3), Rare (3), Epic (3), and Legendary (3). Cause harm to opponents with the Infantry Rifle and Six Shooter (300).

Launch New Digital Currency

Rewards Unveiled: Mystery of Digital Currency Solved?

You’ll be rewarded handsomely for conquering a specific amount of quests during the Cipher event. Here’s a look at all the prizes you can obtain.

Unlock the **Peace Spray** by completing 7 of the unencrypted Cipher quests, and the **Order Up Loading Screen** with 15. The **Deciphered Emoticon** awaits after you finish 24 Ciphers. For the **Circuitry Wrap**, solve 3 of the encrypted Cipher puzzles, and then seek out a specific Cipher to secure the **Distant Roar Spray**.

With time running out, you only have seven days to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Take a deep breath, because every second counts – don’t let these free rewards slip away!

The cool thing about these incentives? A sprayed character that has never appeared in the game before–that dino with the jazzy jacket and golden necklace on the far right in the image. Could this be the first hint of a Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass skin?

Be prepared for even more challenging Cipher Quests each day as we edge closer to the season finale! Our collection of enigmas is sure to stretch your mental muscles – so make sure to check back here for all the newest updates. March 7th is the final day, so don’t miss out!

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