Forspoken developer Luminous Productions is set to be reabsorbed back into Square Enix, in order to carry on developing AAA titles, according to the announcement. This move serves as a reminder of the publisher’s commitment to creating and delivering high-quality gaming experiences.

On Twitter, Luminous Productions made known that the transformation will take place as of the start of May.

From the first of May, our highly-skilled crew will be uniting with Square Enix, introducing stimulating new gaming experiences to fans across the world,” Luminous’ statement declared.

“As we journey between now and then, one thing remains constant: our unwavering attention to Forspoken. Our tireless efforts have been devoted to the previously announced patch, in order to improve the overall game performance – an update should be available shortly. Moreover, the eagerly anticipated In Tanta We Trust DLC is right on track for its summer launch. We are truly grateful for your enduring patience and support!”

Square Enix declared in a statement, “We anticipate this merger will contribute to the augmentation of the Group’s capacity in game development, as Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. not only boasts AAA title production potential but also proficiency in the creation of game engines. Uniting these capabilities will further intensify the Group’s capability to make high-definition games.”

Luminous Productions was birthed from a team of seasoned developers, having prior experience with Square Enix on the renowned Final Fantasy XV. Tasked with the challenge of utilizing the same engine for an entirely new project, the studio sought to create a unique game: Forspoken – the only title to ever be released by the company before its dissolution.

Released to the public in January, Forspoken was met with a mixed critical reception. In our review, we noted, “Forspoken is the type of game one may have experienced before – from its archetypal out-of-the-ordinary fantasy yarn to its voluminous open-world map of cyclical non-compulsory errands.”

The title has been met with a mixed reception, with critiques concerning its uneven performance leading Luminous Productions to devote time and effort to releasing a patch to improve its performance, visuals, playability, and other aspects.

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