Beyond Good and Evil 2 is reportedly facing yet more tribulations in its development, with a new report indicating that developer Ubisoft Montpellier is undergoing a dramatic restructuring of its leadership.

According to Kotaku, employees at Ubisoft Montpellier were notified last week that their managing director had left the company, with no explanation furnished. Guillaume Carmona, who had been in the post since the start of 2023, had been a part of the organization for almost two decades.

Sources have alleged to Kotaku that the Montpellier-based development team at Ubisoft is currently under investigation by local government bodies owing to an abnormally high number of personnel experiencing burnout and taking medical leave. When contacted, an Ubisoft spokesperson stated that “the Montpellier development team is undergoing examinations conducted by an external agency for the purpose of establishing preventative measures, and to evaluate where additional assistance or support may be required.”

The report confirmed that that Jean-Marc Geffroy and Benjamin Dumaz have been supplanted in their respective positions by ex-associate director Emile Morel and Charles Gaudron. Additionally, informants confided to Kotaku that the coders remain in a state of perplexity as they strive to settle upon a delighting yet achievable imaginative vision for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Nearly six years since its first unveiling in 2017, the status of Beyond Good and Evil 2 remains unclear, with no sign of the game entering full production. In August of this year, new developments were made when the project invited a leading author to join the team. The initial proposal for the game outlined cooperative exploration of an ambitious world.

The game resurfaced at E3 2018, unveiling a collaboration with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord, a production outfit that vaunts the chance for devotees and community members to partake in the progress of a project.

This report is the latest in a chain of issues that Ubisoft is facing in the realm of development, with the publisher recently scrapping three more unannounced titles while pushing back Skull & Bones for the sixth successive time.

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