The highly-anticipated battle pass for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is here, and it’s leaking with a slew of new character skins! Word on the street is that there’s going to be a total of eight skins, so fans of the game are eagerly awaiting what’s in store.

Thanks to Fortnite content creators Shiina and Hypex, we now have knowledge of the list of playable characters for the upcoming season. In a tweet they made, we get a good look at the characters which will be included in the next battle pass. The image contains several classic Fortnite characters, including a re-imagined edition of the popular Drift. But as per tradition, Epic Games have also included a character from an acclaimed franchise: Eren Yeager, the protagonist and hero (or villain, depending on your opinion) of the hit anime series Attack on Titan.

A scaly humanoid garbed in a vest, who had been previously teased at the Cipher occasion, is among the initial characters unveiled.

We can presume that Season 2 will begin on March 10, the day after Season 1 reaches its finale. It is said that the coming instalment will include ODM (omni-directional mobility) gear from the Attack on Titan anime, performing similarly to the Spider-Man Web Shooter or Grappler. The appearance of the much-awaited Attack on Titan crossover is not a coincidence, as Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 premieres on March 4.

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