The Season of Defiance is set to herald an unprecedented return of old and familiar faces, alongside the unknown and untested possibilities of Neomuna. In the upcoming season trailer, Amanda Holliday, Mithrax, Crow, and Devrim Kay from the EDZ are at the forefront of the fight against Calus’s Shadow Legion and the Pyramid Fleet, who have come to the EDZ and Cosmodrome. Guardians will also get the chance to stand on the Farm once more, with Zavala present at the Tower, surrounded by ally ships that have taken the place of the Traveler in the skies above the Last City.

The Defiant Battlegrounds activity will bring Guardians to the brink of a new era of interdimensional warfare, as they tear open portals to the Ascendant Plane and battle the Shadow Legion’s Taken forces with the help of Queen Mara Sov. Players will join together in threes and enter the Legion’s outpost to liberate captives and participate in activities such as PsiOps and Heist within the Vanguard Ops playlist. The epic conflict will take place within the ancient Pyramid structures on Earth, presenting a challenge unlike anything Guardians have faced before.

The Season of Defiance looms, with Guardians on the brink of donning their ceremonial garb as Queensguard for Mara Sov. Along with this prestigious honor comes a slew of new weekly missions, ornaments, and a powerful Exotic bow, the Verglas Curve, all inspired by the Awoken Queen.

Also, those daring enough to purchase the Season of Defiance Silver bundle will be rewarded with a brand new Legendary emote, plus an impressive 1,700 Silver. The Season of Defiance kicks off on February 28 and culminates on May 22–including the highly anticipated 2023 Guardian Games event. But that’s not all–the Root of Nightmares Raid is slated to begin on March 10.

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