Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is live and DMZ’s massive update has arrived, offering a plethora of exciting new features to explore – notably, numerous ways to exfil from a match without compromising your safety. Here is all the information you need to know regarding the brand-new chopper-based exfiltration options in Season 3.

Rewrite: Uncovering the Secret of Heavy Chopper Extraction

The DMZ’s rotor-blade sent a thunderous reverberation through the night sky. Its massive girth cut through the atmosphere with a deafening roar, casting stark shadows across the landscape. The whirring of its engines was a relentless reminder of the power it possessed. The sheer magnitude of its presence was awe-inspiring and yet strangely comforting, a relentless reminder of the might of the DMZ.

Surviving a round of DMZ and ensuring you retain all of your acquired booty necessitates your successful exfiltration from the map. You can still opt for the standard extraction route, the map’s designated chopper for the final exfil, or select a Hostage contract to be removed, but now you can make use of one of the two new heavy choppers available in Season 3 in order to make a slightly more discreet exit.

Rewrite: Get the Most Out of a Powerful Chopper Extractor

Getting a private exfiltration is pricey, but if you have the resources or can collaborate with your squad, you can retire from the bout via a luxurious chopper. It’s a staggering $50,000 purchase at a Buy Station, which will stimulate the chopper to land at an exfiltration point that is obscure to others in your match.

Of course, just because they won’t be able to commandeer your escape doesn’t mean you’ll be completely safe. This region doesn’t guarantee invincibility in the face of any potential adversaries, but it’s a far more secure alternative to a standard evacuation location.

Rewrite : Load a Hefty Helicopter with Fuel?

If you don’t have the requisite funds to acquire a heavy chopper exfil, a viable alternative exists on your tac-map: the stationary one located at Al Mazrah’s Hafid Port. However, be warned – this chopper will remain grounded until someone takes the initiative to fill up its tank.

You can’t use the regular gas cans employed to energize DMZ’s other vehicles. You’ll require to forage the essential Heavy Chopper Fuel. This fuel is usually detected close to Al Mazrah’s aerodrome, so explore inside edifices and garages in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome.

The cargo train circumnavigating the map can be a sometimes-elusive source of valuable loot, but procuring it is no easy task. AI-infested hotspots, such as the airport and DMZ, present a unique challenge for would-be looters. Depending on your preference for risk and convenience, one of these locations is sure to be the perfect fit for a daring looter.

Find a canister of Heavy Chopper Fuel and return it to the chopper to be capable of flying the aircraft. Venturing outside the designated airspace will automatically set off the exfiltration process from the battle.

Hoping this guide can be of help in achieving a safer extraction in your upcoming DMZ match. As an additional resource, take a look at our compilation of the best bartering recipes available in Season 3, or if you’re feeling adventurous, explore the new workbench feature of DMZ.

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