Sifu arrives on Xbox and Steam on March 28th, bringing an expansive refinement of Slowclap’s one-time PlayStation-exclusive beat-’em-up. It’s the biggest update yet.

The eagerly anticipated free Arenas expansion will bring “up to 10 additional hours of adventure” in the form of five new game modes, 45 trials, and nine extra locations, as per a press release. Players can hone their prowess in Survival mode, Time Attack, Performance (aka Score Attack), Capture mode, or Manhunt mode.

Survival, Time Attack, and Performance are all challenges that will demand the utmost finesse from players; Capture and Manhunt, however, are truly distinctive. In Manhunt, one must take on the formidable task of eliminating a designated target and the accompanying guards, while Capture calls for the seizure and maintenance of a specified area, all while fending off adversaries.

The Arenas expansion for Sifu will be immediately available for those playing on Xbox and Steam at launch, with a range of features and add-ons in tow. PlayStation owners, however, must download the expansion in the form of an update. A plethora of other updates have been released over the past twelve months, including modifiers, outfits, and new levels of challenge.

Sifu casts players into the role of a promising kung-fu student, whose master has been brutally slain. In their journey for retribution, each encounter brings a newfound understanding – yet also the curse of a diminishing lifespan. Players must act swiftly, for the relentless hands of time will soon take away their chance for revenge.

GameSpot’s Sifu review awarded the game a 9/10, lauding the action-title’s exceptional aging mechanic and “top-notch fighting system.” We even featured it in our list of the five finest PlayStation-exclusive titles for 2022, alongside games like Stray and Horizon Forbidden West. Rumor has it that a Sifu film adaptation under the auspices of the John Wick series director is in the pipeline.

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