The next big base game update for The Sims 4 is coming on March 14, delivering the novel infant life stage; however, Maxis has uncovered even more for players to enjoy, with fresh Create A Sim items, such as stretch marks, birthmarks and cesarean scars.

EA has yet to unveil the entire selection of novelties, yet they have put out a fresh trailer exhibiting some of the future customization items. The new birthmark cosmetics are expected to have a variety of options in terms of size, location, and color, and they will be accessible for all lifestages, including babies. Stretch marks will also have a wide array of selections, and they are likely to be accessible on teenage and grown-up Sims, while the cesarean scar is likely to have more limited use on the Sims it can be employed on.

Unveiling New Create a Sim Features: Birthmarks, Stretch Marks & Cesarean Scars Coming to The Sims 4 Base Game on March 14!

Sims 4 principal designer Matthew Fahey declared that body markings, including birthmarks, can be layered with tattoos and will be accessible in the Skin Details section of Create A Sim.

The base game update with these unprecedented options will be available on March 14th, two days prior to the newly-arrived Growing Together paid expansion. This expansion dives into the entanglement of family relationships, providing players with novel interactions between family members. Besides, it will also offer fresh Create A Sim items and a never-before-seen world, the picturesque San Sequoia.

The Sims 4 has recently embraced a more comprehensive range of options in terms of personalization, including a game-wide patch that includes medical wearables like hearing aids, glucose monitors, top surgery marks, and chest binders.

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