Snap revealed on Wednesday that it has included the latest ray tracing technology to its AR Lens Studio, which is accessible to developers around the world. This capability helps to create realistic representations of light and luster for any augmented reality items. Snap partnered up with Tiffany & Co to launch the first Lens that uses ray tracing. Now users can virtually try on Tiffany Lock bracelets with AR and purchase them from the same app.

The company reports that this marks the first instance that ray tracing capacities are available for phones. Ray tracing is usually utilized for offline activities, like console games, but now Snap is bringing its very realistic characteristics to mobile devices.

Ray tracing utilizes an algorithm to mirror what happens when light is reflected in the real world, allowing developers to create lifelike reflections with virtual rays of light. Employing this technology can greatly improve the visual quality of a Lens that has objects with reflective qualities such as stones, glass, and metal.

Snapchat users enthusiastically enjoy utilizing augmented reality to virtually put on items from beloved fashion labels and making their shopping feel personalized, convenient, and enjoyable, the company declared in a blog post. They are thrilled to present Ray Tracing, now open to developers internationally in the Lens Studio, which allows for the augmented reality portrayal of diamond jewelry, apparel, and more to be ultra-realistic.

Snap recently announced that its AR Shopping Lenses had been engaged with by 250 million of its Snapchat users for more than 5 billion times in 2022. The organization has been reforming its technology in the space of shopping Lens production, so it isn’t astonishing that they brought ray tracing to the app to boost this experience further. The fresh AR updates reported today may also offer Snap a better chance to compete with the bigger social media firms.

Last year, Snap revised its Lens Web Builder, allowing groups to set up shopping Lenses swiftly. Furthermore, Snap declared that retailers will be given access to a new augmented reality image-processing feature in the 3D asset manager. This technology facilitates the creation of AR purchasing experiences, making them both simple and fast.

The firm recently collaborated with Amazon to offer shoppers a Virtual Try-On experience through augmented reality. This will give Snapchat users the opportunity to see how certain eyeglasses from famous labels fit them before buying. It is understood that the collaboration will first begin with eyewear, but will widen to encompass other items in the future.

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