Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, is set to relinquish his role in the coming June, with the 43rd Annual Shareholders Meeting of the Board of Directors signifying the official transition to Takashi Kiryu, current company director.

In a declaration to financiers, Square Enix divulged, “Given the unparalleled pace of transformation affecting the recreational business arena, this proposed change is meant to restructure the leadership with the aspiration of leveraging the most advanced technical advances as well as maximizing the originality of the Company’s collective in order to present even more enthralling entertainment to its adherents around the world.”

Kiryu joined Square Enix in June of 2020 to take up the mantle as General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, a position he would hold until his ascension to the company director two years later. Then, in June of 2013, Matsuda assumed the role of president of the company succeeding Yoichi Wada.

Matsuda advocated fervently for blockchain-focused projects at Square Enix, even sending out a New Year’s salutation that reaffirmed the company’s investment back in January. Last year, a trademark registration for “Symbiogenesis” surfaced, alluding to a potential Parasite Eve reboot. But it ended up being an NFT collectible art initiative.

Though soon he will be gone from Square Enix, Nier: Automata players can still come face-to-face with Matsuda, as he appears as a cameo boss in the downloadable content of the game.

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