Pedro Pascal has been garnering a plethora of acclaim for his depiction of Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us, with both critics and admirers alike applauding his performance as the renowned video game persona. However, he has also received one particularly memorable commendation.

Troy Baker, who initially lent his vocals to Joel Miller in the widely-cherished game and its subsequent installment, discussed with IGN (check out the entire dialogue here) his own involvement in the TV series on the penultimate Season 1 episode as James, a member of a survivor faction who, by chance, encountered Ellie and Joel. As part of the interview, he discussed his experience of watching Pascal assume Joel’s role.

“What I sought most ardently was for the actor who would take on the part of Joel to reveal a hitherto unseen element of the character to me,” Baker remarked. “Had I overlooked something? Was there a facet I’d failed to discern? Was there a detail I was unaware of?”

“The instant I heard they tapped Pedro,” he went on, “I was certain we’d be unstoppable. His acting capabilities are indisputable, but what’s even more impressive is the way he has embraced this character with such earnestness. I couldn’t have asked for a more meticulous actor for this role.”

In our The Last of Us Season 1 review, IGN declared that Pascal “filled the part to a tee; exhibiting a quiet fortitude in the face of challenges and capable of occupying either end of Joel’s emotional range, from tender compassion to frigid ferociousness.”

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