The innumerable puzzles and perplexities you’ve encountered in Sons of the Forest will all come to a head in an arduous traversal to the very heart of the isle. There, you’ll be met with countless perils as you make your bid for survival. To assist you in your quest to procure the Golden Armor and subsequently open the Gold Arm Door, we’ve provided this guide.

Unveiling the Glorious Golden Armature and the Mysterious Golden Arm Door in Sons of the Forest

To acquire the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to acquire three distinct items in a specific order: the Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard. After that, it’s time to traverse the island, and while the map may rotate on the GPS Tracker, you’ll need to make your way to the far side of the mountain range where you’ll find a serene green marker right next to a cave and a lake.

Behold the gargantuan complex, teeming with mutated creatures, and explore its every chamber for some impressive loot; ranging from the Putter to the Leather Jacket, Katana and Gold Mask, not forgetting the coveted Sons of the Forest Golden Armor.

Beneath the left wing of the castle, lay a chamber filled with a vast array of treasures: golden armor, katana, and a plethora of other artifacts. To the right, the gleaming armament, standing proudly in a room of its own.

Rewrite: Has the Final Structure Unveiled its Golden Portal?

When you reach the end of your journey, you’ll come across a green marker that beckons you further into the mysterious facility. The scenery may resemble the area you’ve previously explored, but this time the rewards are even greater. Venturing forth, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an unfamiliar environment, but the treasure that awaits you is worth the risk.

In any case, traverse every hallway and chamber until you come across a lounge, with a construction worker’s deceased body suspended from the ceiling. Glimpse inside the lavatory to observe clouds of steam pouring from a portal. Step through it and you’ll discover yourself in a network of caverns.

Go left to the place with the ornate golden portal, then turn right when you get to the chamber with the corpse suspended in it to investigate the lavatory.

At the culmination of the corridor, your gaze will fall upon the Sons of the Forest Gold Arm Door (as depicted in the featured image). To initiate its opening, interact with it. If you are already in possession of the Golden Armor, your character will don it automatically, thus allowing access to the doorway.

As you delve deeper, you can feel the heat radiating from the crevices, lava spewing forth from them. Inhabiting this area are dozens of mutants, eagerly anticipating your arrival. Attempting to fight them off with your Pistol, Shotgun, or Revolver will prove to be a futile endeavor, as they outnumber you. But, if you have acquired the Cross in the same cave where the Rope Gun/Zipline Gun was found, you can use it to startle them. Whilst they remain hostile, their melee strikes can be easily avoided and their aggression won’t be as intense as when any other weapon is held.

Use the Cross to terrify the aberrants; And the next golden portal you encounter
will be the final leg of your expedition.

Journey beyond the countless passageways and burning grottos, and you will eventually come across another gilded entryway. Guarded by one of the guardians, if you step within range a cinematic will ensue, leading to one of the many conclusions. For a breakdown of all the potential finales, consult our Sons of the Forest all endings guide.

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