Sons of the Forest thrusts explorers into a mysterious, perilous expedition, one that eventually leads to a number of lava-filled chambers and bleak tunnels. Along the way, fugitives are constantly pursued by malevolent mutants, yet they must soldier on in the hope of reaching the fabled Gold Arm Door. Upon navigating treacherous pathways, a cutscene will conclude the journey, and with it, the final destination. This guide offers assistance to uncover all of the endings in Sons of the Forest.

Proceed with caution: Be apprised that the contents of this piece may divulge spoilers, and the results here are valid only for the preliminary access phase of the title.


Rewrite: Unveiling the Concluding Paths of Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest ending begins with a disorienting sequence, where a cast of clones materialize, exchange heated words, and fade away. An immense, high-tech metropolis is laid before you, and then the sky splits open with a barrage of lightning, revealing a desolate planet and its lone satellite. Could this be…our home?

As you spin around, an enormous abomination is revealed; its features reminiscent of the creature you had initially encountered deep within the facility clad in the luminous armor. Momentarily, your attention is diverted to the coast and the helicopter that had been sent to escort you to safety. Various paths lay before you, depending on the choices you made throughout your journey in the Sons of the Forest.

As the finale of your expedition in Sons of the Forest draws near, a chillingly unsettling atmosphere pervades the air, with eerie images and scenes of desolation and despair drifting in and out of view. The end of your quest is nigh, and only by bravely facing the unknown can you ever hope to make it out alive.

Bad **conclusion**: Forsaken, with only the “Demon-Battler” accolade to show for it.

Further away from the whirring blades of the hovering aircraft, you’ll be able to make out a small bag. Should you dare to even touch it, the helicopter will take off without you, leaving you behind to face the consequences – yet, you would still be able to unlock the “Defeat Demons” reward.

Board the rotorcraft and claim the “Fought Demons” accolade – a worthy finale!

Prepare to take flight; discard the backpack and board the chopper. Your old pal, Kelvin, will be there waiting for you – if you didn’t do away with him beforehand.

Climb aboard the helicopter and flee the island, with or without a few comrades tagging along; or pack up the bag and remain behind.

The final outcome was a surprise, as no one expected everybody to make it out alive. But the most remarkable thing was how they managed to achieve the “Keep Your Friends Close” accolade!

The third and final Sons of the Forest ending is only attainable by those who have managed to persevere, ensuring that both companions remain alive through their arduous journey. This requires a great deal of dedication and skill, as well as a fair bit of luck, in order to successfully traverse the treacherous lands and successfully complete the quest.

Kelvin is your initial acquaintance. Useless as he may be, you still want him to remain unscathed throughout the journey. It’s best to just leave him in one of the settlements.
Virginia, the Mutant Lady, will flee upon your first encounter. But, once you become her ally, she will join your ranks. She is a great asset in combat, being able to fire both a Pistol and Shotgun simultaneously. Though, her AI can be overly belligerent, so you’ll have to be at her side whenever something enters her sphere of hostility.

To uncover the hidden conclusion of the Sons of the Forest, you must traverse to the other side of the island and have both Kelvin and Virginia alongside you to open the Gold Arm Door. Prepare yourself for a long journey, as the path ahead may be filled with savage cannibals and mutants, ready to attack!

Head deeper into the cave and make your way to the final cavern. Once you’ve escaped the depths and returned to the surface, climb into the chopper and your comrades will follow. You’ll all make it out alive!

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