Disney Dreamlight Valley continuously elevates its repertoire of ingredients and recipes, offering a plethora of novelties for you to explore and utilize. Ever encountered Dreamlight Fruit in your arsenal? You must be asking yourself how you can get your hands on it. Here’s all the essential info you need to know in order to acquire Dreamlight Fruit.

Rewrite : Unveiling the Mystery of Gaining Dreamlight Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To secure the Dreamlight Fruit, you’ll need to journey to the Lion King’s domain and enlist the assistance of Simba. Access to the realm can be gained through the expending of 10,000 Dreamlight at the entrance of the castle, and to persuade the lion to join you, you must complete a series of missions.

Once Simba is ensconced in your vale, you’ll need to cultivate your friendship with him to level 7, and initiate his “Seed of Memories” mission. This can be a lengthy undertaking, so don’t anticipate that you can procure Dreamlight Fruit without delay.

The initial move of “Seed of Memories” is to converse with Scar; locate him and have a brief dialogue wherein he imparts to you that you must search for Dreamlight Seeds in the Vitalys Mines. These tunnels, found against the craggy heights of Sunlit Plateau, are your pathway to the answers you seek.

Hidden among the boulders and stones, a secret chamber lies in wait. What mysteries could be contained within its walls?

Once you step into the Vitalys Mines, make your way to the right, maneuvering around an abundance of carts, until you come across some peculiar-looking rocks embedded in a doorframe. Interact with them and step into the confined chamber. Upon entering, interact with the assorted items to fulfill the quest’s instructions and you’ll be asked to have a word with Merlin–it’s always the same old Merlin, isn’t it?

Converse with the wise Merlin, who will then decree that two concoctions must be brewed in order to progress.

* **Elixir of Expansion** \- Moon Shard x3, Blueberry x6, Empty Flagon x1
* **Draft of Desiccation** \- Night Shard x3, Orange Marsh Milkweed x3, Empty Flagon x1

Unearth Dream Shards and Night Shards by delving the lucent blotches around the vale; blueberries blossom on blueberry shrubs wherever positioned; and Orange Marsh Milkweed can be picked in the Glade of Trust. Lastly, construct the two Empty Vials with three pieces of Glass each.

Mix and concoct two separate elixirs, then retrace your steps back to the chamber deep within the Vitalys Mines. Set the potions carefully atop the table on the eastern wall, and watch as a Dreamlight Tree Seed falls from the air. Take it to Simba outside the entrance, and watch as he leads you to a nearby pond.

Put the two elixirs on the surface of the furniture.

On the Sunlit Plateau, at the pond, you can finally plant the Dreamlight Tree Seed. Nurturing it with water, you must tend to it vigilantly for a while; yet, it won’t take root immediately.

We’ll refresh this once we have the final portion of the quest in hand.

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