Experience The Office like never before inside the Metaverse with Peacock’s launch as an app on Meta Quest VR in the US – marking the first time the streaming service has ever been available in virtual reality. Now, it’s possible to watch the beloved show in a whole new way!

Current Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro owners can enjoy a complimentary three-month subscription to Peacock Premium – provided they are not already subscribed. In addition, all new purchases of the VR headsets over the next twelve months will receive a full year of Peacock Premium access!

Meta Quest 2 (256GB)$429
Meta Quest 2 (128GB) — $399
The Meta Quest Pro$999

Meta hints that Quest owners have the ability to juggle multiple activities; they can watch comedies such as Parks and Recreation on Peacock while they simultaneously explore other apps or surf the web. Not to mention, they can also enjoy the content in a grandiose theater-like format.

Peacock fluttering its way onto VR headsets is part of a three-year collaboration between NBC Universal and Meta. In the upcoming years, Horizon Worlds will serve up an experience inspired by The Office, for instance.

Last month saw significant discounts for both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, with the latter getting a great deal of $500 off its price tag. The 256GB Meta Quest 2 unit saw its price drop by an impressive $70, now retailing at an affordable $430.

The Meta Quest 2 earned the distinction of being chosen as GameSpot’s premier virtual reality headset of 2023, while the Pro model was hailed as the finest standalone, high-end option available.

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