Early Access game Sons of the Forest offers no aid as you navigate its open-world survival horror; a GPS device, some rudimentary construction instructions, and a goal are all you have to get by in this unhelpful, infernal environment. With only your own acumen and that of your chums (if playing cooperatively) to aid you, it’s up to you to make it out alive.

But if you want to not just survive, but thrive, then you’ll need more than the basic essentials. There’s a specific cave near the beach that offers a great advantage with two key items: the stun gun and the rebreather.

Rewrite : Uncovering the Secret to Acquiring the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

Three possible starting points offer a chance to savour the luck of being right next to the mysterious cave with a rebreather and a stun gun. Still, before venturing in, it would be wise to get a formidable weapon and some kind of illumination to penetrate the abyss of darkness.

Here lies the entrance to the cave, the GPS coordinates a mere reference point.

Position yourself here to gain your composure and orientation.

When you eventually make the choice to delve deeper, you’ll discover the entrance to the cave is barricaded with wooden planks. You’ll need to demolish them to get through, however take notice of the caution they signify: something dreadful lurks in the depths that someone wanted to keep contained. But as you’ll soon find out, these creatures are not designed for the land above. They are still a menace, even while you traverse the underground.

This cavernous corridor meanders, so when you enter, you should just persevere inward. From time to time you may come upon a lit luminous on the floor– leave it aglow and continue until you encounter sentient entities.

These Cave Cannibals are an aberration of the surface-dwellers, their
physiognomy a grotesque amalgamation of the deep sea creatures that have adapted
to the darkness of their dwellings. Sightless, yet keenly attuned to sound,
they can detect the slightest whisper, so if you wish to avoid a confrontation,
you must be silent. For those who are ill-equipped, stealth is your only hope.

This cavernous labyrinth is anything but linear, barring one aberrant fork in the road near where these two initial indigenous inhabitants stood. The illuminated passageway on the right, however, does contain a prize at its termination, but it’s not the rebreather. To locate the latter, you’ll have to plunge into the impenetrable darkness pointed out by the guiding arrows in the image below. It might appear to be void of any indication, but rely on me, it’s a legitimate trail.

Venture forth into the abyssal unknown, and may fortune be with you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Meander along the course and you will come across a pool of liquid that reaches up to your midriff. Don’t be alarmed as you will find a number of life preservers bobbing on the surface. Suddenly, the trail turns right and you are confronted with a colossal chamber cloaked in shadows, with an expanse of water occupying the center.

It is absolutely essential that you stay away from the water, for a ferocious creature lurks beneath the surface – the one and only adversary in this region. Hence, follow the shoreline and remain on the right-hand side until you come across a large knapsack-like object next to some other plunderable goods on the ground – that’s your rebreather. As soon as you have it in your possession, it will be equipped and automatically utilized when oxygen tanks are accessible.

Yes, you can take drastic measures and take the risk of swimming through the depths of the lake beneath the cave, but why take the risk when we have a more pressing matter to attend to? Instead, it would be wiser to return to the crossroad we had come upon earlier.

Rewrite : Uncovering the Mystery of Obtaining the Stun Gun in Sons of the Forest

This time, you’ll be required to traverse the brightly illuminated passage on the right. But be warned, for this corridor is fraught with peril, for two seasoned cave dwellers and two malformed hunchbacked cave infants inhabit the area, who, upon sight of you, will curl themselves into a ball and launch themselves in your direction. Although their health is not great, they can still be difficult to strike, so don’t underestimate them.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity of meandering through the darkness of the tunnels, you stumble upon the final chamber. Suspended from the sanctuary’s roof, the corpse of a miner hangs limply in the air, and beneath it lies the weapon of your search – the stun gun. If you managed to clear the pathways of enemies, the return trip to the cave’s entrance should be a breeze.

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