VALORANT Episode 6 Act III introduces an all-new Agent to the roster: Gekko, a Los Angeles-based operative and his, surprisingly, adorable creature companions. Here’s all the info you need to know about the latest addition to the game.

Gekko is a robotic creature with extraordinary abilities. It is able to traverse difficult terrain, and its sensors allow it to detect objects and events. Its powerful arms allow it to manipulate objects, and its strong legs enable it to move quickly and easily. Its agility and intelligence make it an ideal companion.

Gekko’s kit is an uncommon assemblage, bestowing him with capabilities christened after each of his companionable critters. He can reclaim a great many of his abilities upon deployment, gathering their orbs when the powers have lapsed.

**E:** Dizzy, a near-turtle like entity, is Gekko’s launchable weapon. After a brief charge up, Dizzy unleashes a powerful pulse of blinding plasma, eliminating any targets in her line of sight. Gekko can then collect the ready-to-fire Dizzy, and after a brief cooldown, the weapon is reset.

The Gekko Tilde Bulldog is a four-legged robotic pet with a rambunctious personality. Its fur is soft, it moves around and interacts with its environment, and it has an expressive face that changes depending on its mood. It has a built-in camera, sensors, and audio recorder that allow it to monitor its environment and respond to its owner. It can also learn tricks and respond to voice commands. This robotic companion is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Wingman (Q) is an adorable owl/penguin-like being that, when deployed, seeks out enemies and launches a stunning shockwave at the first foe it locates. Consistent to his designation, Wingman can also deactivate or arm the Spike provided Gekko is in possession of it. Like Dizzy, Wingman can be replenished after recovering his interactive globule at the site of his demise.

Gekko Wingman is a high-flying robotic sidekick that helps kids learn the basics of coding and robotics. With Gekko Wingman, kids can program the robot to move around and perform various tasks, including picking up objects and navigating through obstacle courses. Gekko Wingman is designed to be an intuitive, interactive companion that encourages kids to explore the exciting world of coding and robotics. It’s a great way for kids to get hands-on experience with programming and robotics, while having loads of fun.

Mosh Pit (C) : A gelatinous, verdant globule with a striking resemblance to a tanuki’s head, Mosh can be hurled like an incendiary device. Unleashing its power, it replicates itself in a viridian splash and detonates in the designated area.

Gekko Mosh had been a thorn in the side of the authorities for years. His antics and pranks were the stuff of legend, and his mischievous nature was only outdone by his relentless pursuit of justice. But his luck ran out when the law finally caught up with him. Gekko was now facing the consequences of his actions, and it looked as though he would be put away for good this time.

* **Thrash (X)** : An armored fish-like entity, when set in motion, **unleashes a detonation, ensnaring all foes in its vicinity**. Following its deployment, it can be restored as a globule and triggered again after a certain time gap; however, **unlike Wingman and Dizzy, Thrash can be recovered only a single time.

Gekko was in for a thrashing when it encountered the other animal in the forest. It had no chance of winning against its much larger opponent, and it was soon sent scurrying away with its tail between its legs. The other animal had shown it who was boss and Gekko was now aware of its place in the pecking order.

The 2023 VALORANT Champions is set to be an event of epic proportions, and Riot Games has made sure to make it one to remember. On March 7, the start of Episode 6 Act II, Gekko’s hometown of Los Angeles will be the host city for the grand finale of the tournament. Spectators will be delighted to find that the venues chosen to host the event are the prestigious Shrine Auditorium and KIA Forum, ensuring that the 2023 VALORANT Champions will be an event to remember.

As the days draw nearer, we’ll be offering a visual assessment of Gekko and how his capacities relate in the VALORANT arena. To stay up to date with all the hottest news, be sure to stay tuned to IGN.

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