The epic conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is nigh, and with it comes a series of encrypted Cipher quests that promise to reveal something massive in the near future. How to go about completing the first of these tasks? Allow us to provide a brief guide to guide you through this initial stage of the quest.

Rewritten headline: Unravel the First Step of the Cipher Quest: Where and What is It?

Stage 1 of the **enigmatic Cipher Quest** beckons you to “scrutinize the wall
in the shadows of the eastern construction” of, well, who knows where–with its precise spot a secret. That mysterious place is none other than **Anvil Square** , and it’s situated
practically smack-dab in the middle of the map.

Go to Anvil Square and make your way towards the eastern side. Locate the locker obstructing the entrance and break through it. Descend the stairs and, on the table in opposition to the steps, you will find an interactable object. After you make contact with it, you will have completed Stage 2. A map of the area and further photographs can be viewed below.

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Rewrite: Uncovering the Mystery of Stage 2 – Where and What is the Solution?

The second test of your mettle offers even less to go on, but we’ve managed to crack the code, so you can move on to the next stage without delay. Make your way to the Faulty Splits and you’ll find the unmistakable bowling alley – it’s the area’s most prominent structure, and you’ll be hard-pressed to miss it. Once you’re there, express yourself with an emote – it can be any emote you like, just make sure you spray it on or inside the building. Do that, and you’ll have completed the second stage of your quest.

You don’t even need to step foot inside the bowling alley; the roof is an option for spraying, too. Who knew you could make a strike without ever picking up a ball?

Mark your calendars, Fortnite fans – a new wave of enigmatically-encrypted Cipher Quests is on the way! Keep this page bookmarked for the latest updates and intel on the matter, and explore our main hub for even more on the mystery.

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