For die-hard fans of the game, World of Warcraft Classic now offers something that has been missing for years: complete NPC voice-over, giving life to the characters that have been a staple of the franchise since its inception. With this new addition, players can now experience the game in a way that is far more immersive and engaging than ever before.

Those familiar with World of Warcraft, either as current players or former adventurers, are likely all too aware of the mountains of quest text they must read, with voice acting typically only found with faction leaders, raid bosses, or the occasional line of dialogue when conversing with insignificant non-player characters. Although expansions such as Dragonflight have included more cutscenes and dialogue than the early days of WoW, the majority of the game’s NPCs and quests remain unvoiced.

That’s where the fan made add-on called VoiceOver comes in. Crafted by Evan Pierce (under the name MrThinger), the complimentary VoiceOver addon for WoW Classic brings “high quality AI generated voices for NPCs” – and it’s a game-changer. The addon takes into account the race and gender of the NPC giving quests when generating voices, creating a more immersive and less text-heavy experience for Blizzard’s classic MMO. Players can even access NPC dialogue through the quest log, allowing users to hear their next objective while on the go without having to read through chunks of text to determine where they need to go or what they need to collect.

For the time being, the add-on is only compatible with the Classic version of WoW, but as indicated by Pierce’s Ko-fi page, it seems like versions for the game’s The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions may be a potentiality in the future. Aiming to extend the project, Pierce is striving for a goal of two thousand dollars (which is already 35% funded) to advance the add-on. He also adds that the add-on could be transferred to the current, retail version of the game, however the retail edition would only be able to include voice lines from the original WoW, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

The raging debate in the gaming industry over the use of AI voice-over technology has been a hot topic of conversation for months now. Fears that the technology could potentially supplant the work of professional voice actors, who bring characters to life in the world of video games, have been prominent. With Blizzard’s VoiceOver add-on, it appears highly improbable that the company would choose to fully dub an almost two decade-old game, thus making the fan-driven project a mere curiosity that won’t trample on the prospects of those actors seeking employment.

WoW Classic is experiencing a surge of fervor due to the emergence of a fanatic-driven “Hardcore” mode that entails permanent death. The adoration for this rigorous playstyle has sparked conjecture that Blizzard could potentially introduce sanctioned Hardcore WoW Classic servers, a prediction that is backed up by data from the current WoW public test server.

When it comes to WoW’s current incarnation, Blizzard has been ceaseless in their efforts to bring fresh experiences to Dragonflight’s players, with the 2023 content roadmap being the most recent example of their commitment. On the 2nd of May, the gates of Neltharion’s Embers will open, granting access to a subterranean realm, a new raid and, much to the delight of the players, the much-anticipated implementation of cross-faction guilds.

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