Microsoft has unveiled the selection of titles gracing Xbox Games with Gold in March 2023 – Lamentum, Trüberbrook, and Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection. Our sources report that the offerings present an intriguing combination of genres and experiences, sure to provide something for everyone.

All three titles will be made accessible in March at no additional cost on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for those that have splurged on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription services.

Xbox Wire announced that, from March 1 to 31, gamers can acquire the classic World War II strategy game Sudden Strike 4: Complete Edition, as well as the Sci-Fi mystery adventure title Trüberbrook. Starting March 16, Lamentum will be available, at no cost, to subscribers, until April 15.

Players of BTF’s 2019 point-and-click Sci-Fi adventure Trüberbrook are set to explore an eerie alternate-reality 1960s German village, where they must unravel the enigmas surrounding a collection of hand-crafted miniature scenery, reality-bending scientists, and other peculiarities.

Pixel art survival-horror title Lamentum descended upon the gaming world in August 2021, offering players a chance to experience a Victorian-era New England mansion through the eyes of aristocrat Victor Hartwell. Tasked with the Herculean effort of saving his beloved ailing wife, Victor must brave the malevolent forces of the nightmarish creatures lurking in the depths of the mansion, in the search for a hidden, sinister secret.

Kalypso Media’s Sudden Strike 4: Complete Edition is the pinnacle of the RTS series, a graphical powerhouse replete with all the features of the 2017 base game plus the additional content of no less than five DLCs.

It’s not too late to grab the February edition of Games With Gold; Guts N Goal, the top-down soccer-based game, will depart the service on the fifteenth of March. Don’t miss your chance to pick up this entertaining title before it’s gone!

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